O nás

SOZE is a non-governmental non-profit organization and its role is providing help to refugees and other kinds of foreigners coming into the Czech Republic. This help consists of cost-free legal, social and psychological counseling services, realization of free-time and educational programs, and comprehensive social-legal assistance to long-term staying foreigners and approved asylum seekers in their difficult process of integration into the majority of society. In relation to the majority, in an effort to degrade symptoms of distrust, intolerance and in strengthening awareness of human rights and a legally consistent state in the public, SOZE functions through organizing cultural and informational conferences, exhibitions, seminar meetings and national cultural events. A significant part of classified activity in the area of foreign, sanctuary and migration law is participation in working with classified commissions at the national and international level, active participation in legislative process and development of classified studies, expertise and references. In a long-term collaboration with the Secretariat of the high commissioner of the OSN for refugees (UNHCR) and within competent international law documents – especially the Convention of refugee legal treaty (1951 – Geneva convention), General declaration of human rights, Convention of children’s rights, Convention against torment and other international contracts containing primary human rights and liberties – the ambition of SOZE, with providing at least the minimal standards of  sanctuary procedure, focused on permanent and reasonable solutions of individuals, families and refugee communities as well, is either their full integration into the Czech society, or their optional repatriation into the country of origin. SOZE has been developed with the arrival of the first gathering refugees into Czechoslovakia in 1990 and officially has been registered by the Ministry of Interior in 1992. SOZE’s registered office is situated in Brno and its advisers provide the assistance at this office as well as other sanctuary facilities in Moravia and Silesia. Moreover, SOZE operates Sanctuary House in Brno. Increased care and security is provided to vulnerable groups of refugees and foreigners (such as single mothers with children, underage children with no escort or the ill and variously handicapped).